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Every day spent searching for a solution is another day of lost funding. Control your ACFI funding now and into the future with ACG Consultancy.

There are plenty of reasons your facility may not be taking full advantage of ACFI funding. Workforce and staffing issues, attitudes towards documentation, time restraints, and clunky structures and systems are everyday challenges that can cost you money.

Allied Care group provides a hands-on approach with specialists available whenever and wherever required. We undertake assessments, seek directives, and case conference with staff and residents, to ensure your ACFI funding is aligned to the care needs of your residents.

We aim to create a comfortable environment for all levels of staff and encourage open communication of challenges and issues.

Our ultimate goal is sustainability – ensuring you become equipped to independently optimise and control your ACFI funding.

Select a service below for more information:

Clinical Coach - Coming to RACF’s early 2017

Imagine if you could engage all of your staff with one simple program that tracked the care needs of your residents in real time – knowing you were properly compensated for the care provided.

Clinical Coach makes managing the care needs of residents easier than ever before.

Clinical Coach is an innovative and unique software program designed to assist providers and their care teams to recognise and act on changes in resident care needs.

Care staff drive the program by reviewing resident care weekly. Any recommended changes are made available to the clinical team for approval with individual outcomes reported back to care staff. The program features practical educational tools that help staff to recognise inconsistent information or gaps in their knowledge of care delivery.

Not ready to throw out your old system? Clinical Coach is not designed to replace your current clinical management system, but rather, compliment it.

Easy to learn and easy to use, Clinical Coach focuses on the foundations of residential care. Your staff will be empowered to react to changes in resident care needs immediately, while management enjoy simplified reporting of objective resident and staff outcomes.

ACFI Maximisation Review

ACG’s ACFI Maximisation Review involves ACG ACFI Specialists undertaking a clinical documentation review of a selected number of residents to ensure the associated level of ACFI funding is accurately aligned to the assessed care needs of each resident.

  • This service is complimentary
  • The purpose of the review is to determine if additional ACFI funding opportunities exist
  • It can be conducted onsite or offsite. Offsite reviews require access to the providers clinical software program and Medicare Payment Statement
  • The review is generally undertaken on a sample of residents to provide a snapshot of potential funding opportunities
  • The review takes approximately 3 hours and requires minimal staff assistance and includes an entry and exit meeting
  • ACG ACFI Specialists gather evidence by reviewing progress notes, assessments, care plans, ACCR and other relevant documentation to support ACFI claims
  • On completion a detailed report is provided outlining the current and new funding level for each resident assessed
  • The evidence to support the funding increase is contained within the report with examples in each domain
  • The report is presented in priority order based on each residents individual funding increase (highest to lowest)
  • Throughout this process our team work in consultation with the provider to provide feedback and identify areas for improvement
  • Whilst there is no obligation, if the ACFI Maximisation Review indicates potential funding opportunities, ACG offer a number of support services to assist the provider to realise their funding potential
  • Privacy and confidentiality is maintained through a non disclosure agreement

ACFI Support Service - Sustainable Approach

Want a total ACFI solution for ongoing, sustainable funding? This option is designed to capture any potential lost funding initially and equip the provider with the internal capacity to maintain ACFI funding potential for the long term.

This service option is comprised of two phases: Initial Upgrade Phase, and an optional Ongoing Support Phase.

ACG ACFI Specialists are on site five days a week providing hands-on support, education, guidance and improved staff motivation until all reappraisals are submitted. They are open and approachable, enabling staff to voice their concerns and ask questions in a positive learning environment that allows them to build on their existing skills and expertise.

In the Initial Upgrade Phase, ACG takes the lead role in all ACFI requirements and manages staff compliance for completion of compulsory requirements under ACFI. This not only increases ACFI funding immediately but also acts as an integral learning process for facility staff.

For residents who are not eligible for an ACFI reappraisal, ACG investigates and identifies any areas that are not consistent with the ACFI business rules and provide solutions in consultation with the RACF.

An educational focus is emphasised throughout this Initial Upgrade Phase to provide the foundations for staff to help maintain high ACFI funding into the future.

ACG then recommends an optional Ongoing Support Phase where our staff work together with RACF staff for all new admission, mandatory and ongoing voluntary reappraisals and submissions and implement, where appropriate, improved ACFI structures and systems.

This option features an increased focus on education and sustainability including:

  • Full support with ACFI submissions throughout the Initial Upgrade Phase
  • ACG staff are on site weekly during the Initial Upgrade Phase
  • Regular ACFI training and education for all levels of staff
  • Optional ongoing support with ACFI submissions for new admission, mandatory and ongoing voluntary reappraisals throughout the contracted period to ensure the assessed care needs of each resident are aligned to the correct level of ACFI funding and all documentation is consistent and compliant with the ACFI business rules

ACFI Education

At its core, ACG understands education and support are the key to ensuring each RACF becomes able to independently retain their maximum ACFI funding potential. ACG’s ultimate goal is sustainability – working to ensure each RACF becomes equipped to independently optimise and control its ACFI funding into the future.

Our qualified staff are skilled educators with comprehensive experience in the residential aged care industry as registered nurses. They can provide your staff with a wealth of knowledge specific to the needs of your facility.

We Provide:

  • Targeted education programs based on our Education Needs Analysis Survey
  • Answers to those frequently asked questions
  • Solutions to common issues
  • On-site and off-site education packages
  • Our intensive ACFI Education program as part of ACFI Support Service Option 1 – Sustainable Approach

Revenue Finder

We can help you recover lost supplement income with Revenue Finder.

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know you are compensated appropriately for the care provided to your residents all of the time?

Navigating the government’s aged care subsidies and supplements is no easy feat, especially when your primary focus is on providing quality care. There are more than 15 different supplements, each with distinct variables affecting eligibility. You might know what’s on your Medicare Payment Statement now, but do you know what’s not on there that should be?

Talk to our team of dedicated supplement recovery experts. They’ll review your current documentation, identify oversights in current and past statements ands lodge any necessary paperwork to recover lost funds.

Tailored Education

We can train your staff with a Tailored Education package to suit their needs.

Allied Care Group works with each residential aged care facility to design an education system that works for their specific needs.

We provide our ACFI e-learning course for all staff prior to coming onsite. Then, our Registered Nurse Educators collaborate with your facility management to design the ideal delivery format. You help us decide what topics should be included based on the outcomes you want, and you set the duration, the timing and the frequency of sessions. We’re there on your terms.

Funded Exercise Program

Did you know you may be eligible for a Funded Exercise Program?

We can determine if your residents are eligible for exercise sessions – at no cost to you or the resident! It’s quick and easy to find out if you’re eligible, and if so, to get a new exercise program started.

With Allied Care Group, small things like a Funded Exercise Program can make a big difference. Together, we can sustain a higher level of care.

Our Support Network

Hands-on Support

Allied Care Group assist providers with a ‘hands on’ approach to increase their ACFI funding. Our team of specialist are available whenever and wherever required. We undertake assessments, seek directives, case conference with staff and residents and prepare Answer Appraisal packs ready for submission.

See How We Work

Whilst our main aim is to align your ACFI funding to the assessed care needs of your clients, it is also important to us that we share with you our knowledge and skills and assist you implement sustainable business processes and systems to manage your ACFI funding. Throughout the contract period our team constructs the foundations for effective and efficient ACFI management through case conferencing, education and internal audits so that ultimately you are in full control of your ACFI destiny.

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